St. Paul’s Cathedral + Churchill Valley Country Club – Jessi + Donnie


Jessi and Donnie were married on December 17th at the majestic St. Paul’s Cathedral in Oakland, with a reception at the Churchill Valley Country Club. This was my last wedding of 2011, and it was the perfect wedding to close an extraordinary season.

I liked Jessi and Donnie the moment we met, and had been looking forward to their wedding all season! At a time when it’s easy for a couple to get caught up in the details of planning, it was refreshing to see how excited Jessi and Donnie were to simply be getting married. It was a pleasure to witness the love between them, as well as the celebration of this super cute couple by everyone there.

One detail that I’m still touched by was a special photograph Jessi wanted me to take of her and her grandmother looking in a mirror together. I didn’t understand the importance of this photo until we got to her grandmother’s house, where there was a wall filled with two generations of portraits of her grandmother posed the same way, with aunts and cousins. I suddenly felt incredibly honored to know that one of my images would also hang on this wall of a grandmother’s love … this time, with her beautiful grand daughter Jessi.

Congratulations to a great couple that brought this 2011 wedding season to a perfect end.  Here are just a few favorites.

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